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Every single day, millions of people find themselves in debt because of credit card over usage, large purchases like cars and other reasons. It can feel like there is nowhere to turn when you are financially burdened. However, there are debt relief programs in place to help. Here are some of the best debt relief programs available.

National Debt Relief

National Debt Relief is ranked as one of the top options when you are struggling with debt. Although it lacks a chat feature to contact customer service, it can get you a debt reduction that is higher than the average. The company offers a number of debt relief services, including debt consolidation, credit card consolidation and debt management. National Debt Relief also charges low fees that will make it easier for you to pay back your creditors.

Overall, the goal of the company is to help you to get back on your feet after helping you to settle your debt. It works hard to ensure that you don’t fall into the same trap of debt and become a repeat customer. Fees come to around 18 to 25 percent of your total enrolled debt and result in an average debt reduction of 30 percent.

National Debt Relief’s debt settlement programs take an average of two to four to complete. This is an accepted period of time because quick fixes don’t work and should be questioned as a result.

To qualify for National Debt Relief’s programs, you must be at least $7,500 in debt.

New Era Debt Solutions

New Era Debt Solutions is another great company for settling your debt. Although it is not accredited by the USOBA or AFCC, it can reduce your total debt by as much as 37 percent. Its fees are also quite low, making it a good option when you need help.

One of the best things about this debt settlement company is that it believes in transparency for its clients and clearly outlines its program on its website. New Era’s fees for its services range between 14 and 20 percent, which is a good five percent lower than that of other companies.

You can enroll in a debt settlement program with New Era Debt Solutions as long as you are between $5,000 and $10,000 in debt. When you enter a program, you will get a great feeling that the company really cares and wants to help because of the attention you receive as each case is reviewed individually.

The company’s services are available in 18 states, making it one of the least widespread of its kind. However, the attention you receive during your program coupled with the low fee and higher than average debt reduction percentage make it worth going with New Era if it’s available in your state.

Accredited Debt Relief

Accredited Debt Relief is available in 49 states, making it the most widespread debt settlement company in the United States. After its services, it will only deliver average savings toward your total debt. At the same time, however, Accredited Debt Relief boasts the most comprehensive program by offering a variety of debt relief services. With that in mind, if you are dealing with other financial issues beyond debt, it is a good company to use.

Another good thing about Accredited Debt Relief is that it will allow you to enter its program for help if you have debt of at least $1,000, considerably less than what other companies require. On average, the total savings you can expect with your debt range from 15 to 25 percent.

After you choose Accredited Debt Relief to help you with your debt, you are required to put funds aside into an account. You will continue depositing money until you are finally able to pay off your debt to your creditors. On average, programs take between 24 to 48 months.

These are the top debt relief companies in the country. Research each to learn about everything they offer so you can determine which is best suited for your needs